Benefits of Press Fitting Over Other Plumbing Connection Methods

Plumbing leaks in commercial facilities can get extremely costly if proper care is not taken when securing the pipes. To prevent this from happening, plumbers have traditionally relied on soldering, brazing or welding to secure plumbing connections. While these methods have their pros, none of them beat the benefits of press fitting as a connection completion method. To new commercial plumbers, therefore, press fittings are an excellent solution to their plumbing connection needs.

Hot Water Horrors: 3 Reasons You're Suffering Cold Showers

It is interesting what people look at while searching for a new home. Some people peek inside all the kitchen cupboards to see how big they are, while others test the garage door remote to make sure it works. One thing many people overlook, however, is the home’s current hot water situation. You take it for granted that when you move into a new home there will be plenty of hot water, but what happens when you move in and there isn’t?

4 Plumbing Areas to Inspect While Buying a New Home

Before making any payment for the house of your dreams, a detailed inspection of various areas is necessary to ascertain its condition. A professional opinion will help you determine whether it is a viable purchase, and what the best offer for the home is. Here are some areas to inspect to identify potential plumbing problems before purchase. 1.    The Water Heater The water heater is a significant home investment. When shopping for a new house, you need to ascertain the current state of the water heater.