Three Things That Can Damage Your Home's Plumbing System

If you want to keep your property’s plumbing system in good condition, it’s important to be aware of the things that can damage it. Read on to find out what these things are. Putting anything other than liquids down the drains A house’s drains are not designed to be used for anything other than the removal of liquids. However, many people make the mistake of allowing things such as hair, soap scum, solidified fats and scraps of food to enter their homes’ drains.

4 Tips for Preventing Blocked Drains in Your Home

Blocked drains can be inconvenient and annoying. However, basic maintenance and proper habits can be instrumental in preventing these dreaded incidents. To learn how you can avoid further clogs in your household drains, here are some valuable tips. Proper Workmanship Despite all the efforts and the level of caution you may employ to avoid blocked drains, poor installation or design will fail you. Therefore, your first step is to ensure that the drainage system in your home is superior.

2 Plumbing Problems That Professionally-Performed Septic Tank Inspections Can Help Reveal

It is imperative for businesses that rely on a septic tank system to treat the waste coming from their plumbing drains to ensure that their tanks are properly maintained. Proper maintenance keeps the tanks and the entire waste disposal system working properly for an extended period. One of the critical things that has to be done in this regard is routine inspection of septic tanks. Routine inspection helps assess the general condition of the tank so that issues that need fixing can be identified.

What To Do When You Have A Burst Pipe

A burst pipe can occur out of the blue and at any time. However, the most common time to experience this potentially damaging problem is during the winter months. When pipes become frozen, the water inside them can expand. As the frozen water starts to expand it can cause the pipe to burst and water to start pouring out. If you are not at home or don’t notice the burst pipe for a long period, you could suffer extensive water damage.

5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Blocked Drains

Drain blockages are one of the most common reasons for calling out a domestic plumbing service. If you have noticed your kitchen sink draining slowly, your drains could be starting to develop a blockage, which is a problem you should never ignore. To avoid the situation getting any worse, adopt these five drain-friendly habits in your home. 1. Put Cooking Grease in the Bin, Not Down the Sink When you have oil left in the pan after cooking your favourite meal, your instinct might be to pour the grease down the sink and leave the pan to soak.

DIY Unclogging of Kitchen Sink Drains Using a Plunger

Virtually every Australian household will face plumbing problems at some point, regardless of how well they take care of their plumbing system. Knowing how to deal with minor plumbing issues in the home can go a long way in keeping plumbing repair costs down. But when it comes to major plumbing problems, it is best to hire a specialist. Kitchen drains are highly susceptible to clogging or slow-draining because they often experience a lot of traffic on an everyday basis.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Getting a New Hot Water Heater for Your Home

Your home’s hot water heater is one of the most important appliances you can own; the power needed for heating water is often one  of the biggest utility costs you face, and trying to go without hot water because of a broken or malfunctioning heater can be very inconvenient! Note a few commonly asked questions about getting a new hot water heater for your home, so you know when to have a new one installed and how to have this done properly.

Three Signs That You Need a New Water Heater in Your Home

A failing water heater can be a source of freezing showers in the home, not to mention the thousands of dollars that may be incurred in repairs or purchasing a new unit. Sadly, in most households, little attention is paid to the water heater as it’s usually installed out of sight. Regular inspection of this unit can help identify defects before your heater breaks down. This way you can budget for a new unit and prevent inconveniences and unnecessary repair costs.

6 Tips to Help You Carry Out a Successful DIY Toilet Installation

Whether you’re looking for a new toilet because the old one no longer works or you just want to change things up, it’s important to pick out the right toilet when carrying out your own toilet installation. If you’re handy with house repairs, you’ll probably have the necessary tools: a combination wrench, adjustable wrench, hack saw, screwdriver and level. Here are a few tips to help you go from buying to installing your new toilet.

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Gas Plumbing in Your Home

When you hear the word “plumbing,” you may automatically think of water connections and pipes in the home, but gas connections to the stove or hot water heater are also referred to as plumbing. Connecting these properly and maintaining them over the years is very critical, as a gas leak can allow the home to fill up with fumes; this can be unhealthy and downright deadly, and also create the risk of an actual home explosion.

Bathroom Designs: Trends You Could Consider For Your Remodel

When come homeowners are contemplating remodelling their bathroom, they tend to focus on making it more functional than it was before. However, if you would like to increase the value of your home with your renovations, you should consider new designs that will also update the appearance of your bathroom. There is a wide assortment of advancements that would provide you with functionality as well as enhanced aesthetic appeal. Here are a few of the latest trends that you could consider when remodelling your bathroom.

Blocked Drains: Waste You Should Never Throw Down the Drain

Despite the fact that your plumbing and garbage disposal systems are integral aspects of your residence, it is not uncommon to find some homeowners take them for granted as long as they generally work fine. As such, some individuals may not take the time to ensure that they are using their plumbing and garbage disposal appropriately, which will lead to a decreased lifespan. Although the garbage disposal may seem like a sturdy piece of equipment, some waste materials should never be thrown down its chute.

Guidance For Clearing a Blocked Waste Pipe

Often a smelly and uncomfortable job, it is usually better to call out a professional plumber to deal with blockage in your waste pipes. In some situations, such as where raw sewage has backed up to a drainage inspection point and is spilling over, it is essential to deal with matters quickly so you should call an emergency plumber before the nearby land becomes contaminated. Having said that, some blocked drains can be cleared without the need for a professional.

Here's What You Need to Do When a Pipe in Your Home Bursts

There are many reasons a pipe could burst in your home. Freezing due to cold weather, build-up of water pressure inside the pipe and weakened or rusty pipes are some of the common causes. Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency you have to handle carefully because, besides wasting a lot of water, you can end up with immense water damages and costly repairs to make. For such reasons, knowing what steps to take when a water pipe bursts in your home is always crucial.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains are a great inconvenience. With a little know-how, they can be unblocked without having to call in a plumber. When water in the sink, tub or bathroom drains more slowly than usual or does not drain it is a sign of blocking or clogging of the drainpipe. The following steps may help you unblock your drain: To unblock the drain you must have a plunger. If the sink has more than one drain make sure the other drains are plugged.

Plumbing: Problems You May Encounter With Your Undersink Water Filter

If you are concerned about the quality of drinking water in your home, chances are you have considered installing an undersink water filter. These devices are an economical way to ensure that your loved ones are getting clean and safe water, without having to invest in a constant supply of bottled water. Nevertheless, just as most other devices, these filters can develop problems. Knowing what to expect makes you better placed at discerning whether you require the assistance of a plumber or not.

Hot Water Systems: Troubleshooting a Boiler That Will Not Turn Off

If you live in an older residence, chances are your hot water system comprises a boiler. The older the boiler is, the more susceptible it is to problems that would indicate that it is succumbing to deterioration. One of the common problems is when your boiler loses its ability to turn off. This may ensure you have a constant supply of hot water but it will also translate in a significant spike in your heating costs.